Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kristy Nicolle

Morning all!!
I was just invited to be a part of the Tidal Telltails Official Street Team by Author Kristy Nicolle.
What I'll be doing is promoting Kristy by sharing excerpts, announcements, links, pictures or upcoming book cover(s), invite you lovely mers to like her pages and events, writing honest reviews of her material.
In return, I get to see exclusive looks at upcoming releases, and participate in competitions and giveaways exclusive to the Street Team- now known as TellTails -, opportunities such as having a character named in your honour if you join the street team, first look at book covers, exclusive to the minute updates on Work in progress, AND chances to win Tidal Kiss Trilogy Book Swag. WHO DOESN'T WANT SWAG?

I'm also going to be interviewing her for SeaGlass's Mermaid Library as well for her new book series The Tidal Kiss Trilogy.

Super Cannot WAIT! I've been wanting for something like this to happen for a long time!
For info about the book itself and for teasers:
For info about the author herself:

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