Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas special: VEXED REVIEW

It's the first day of winter! And I have successfully finished reading my new favourite Christmas novella, Vexed by Kristy Nicole!

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Where do I start? 
The book itself is as long as the first Harry Potter book, so I was surprised I managed to zip through reading it within a day. 
I love it. Love, love, LOVE, that it’s so much different from most romances (and you know how I feel about romances). I can't give anything away, but what I CAN say is that it's a super story with a lot of great character and sub-plot build up. It makes a great stand-alone book if you haven't read The Tidal Kiss Trilogy, but I really do recommend reading the trilogy first before picking this up.

This book has me hooked and receives a full 5 out of 5 stars.

All that said, STILL hella awkward for me to read sex scenes. Let's just say it was enough to make me red just because of how.. :ahem: experienced both of the main characters were. 

Speaking of picking up the trilogy, Kristy Nicole has just released a book combining the ENTIRE trilogy, which makes this a perfect Christmas gift to any friend, or fish, who loves fantasy and romance.

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If you're interested in purchasing, please click on the following links:

Happy reading!

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