500 – Science

500 Science

510 Mathematics

520 Astronomy
530 Physics
540 Chemistry
550 Earth sciences & geology

Parker, Bruce B.
  Power of the sea, the: tsunamis, storm surges, rogue waves, and our quest to predict disasters /  Bruce Parker.
 c. Palgrave MacMillan, 2012
 Includes index.
 ISBN: 978-0-230-12074-7 (paperback)
 ISBN: 978-0-230-61637-0 (hardcover)
 1. Ocean.  2. Ocean and civilization.  3. Ocean--Environmental Aspects.  I. Title.

Roberts, Callum.
  Ocean of life, the: the fate of man and the sea / Callum Roberts.
The Ocean of Life considers the course of currents first discovered by Benjamin Franklin and the latest developments in ocean chemistry. it looks at pollution and noise pollution, rising tides and temperatures, industrial fishing and aquaculture. It covers everything from shrimp farming in China to the fate of sea fans on Caribbean reefs. It helps us understand how things that we think of in isolation are interconnected and offers clear insights into how we can and must change course.
  c. Viking Penguin, Penguin Books Ltd., 2012.
  Includes bibliographical references and index.
  ISBN: 978-0-670-02354-7
  1. Ocean and civilization.  2. Ocean--History.  I. Title.

560 Fossils & prehistoric life
570 Biology
580 Plants

590 Animals (Zoology)

Oliver, A. P. H. (Arthur Peter Hoblyn)
  Guide to seashells of the world / A. P. H. Oliver ; illustrated by James Nicholls.
Guide to Seashells of the World is a practical identification guide that combines comprehensive and informative text with stunning color illustrations, covering a wide range of shells from all parts of the world.
  c. Firefly Book Ltd., 2012
  Includes index.
  ISBN-13: 978-1-55297-943-3
  ISBN-10: 1-55297-943-1
  1. Shells--Identification. I. Nicholls, James  II. Title.

Kirby, David, 1960-
  Death at SeaWorld : Shamu and the dark side of killer whales in captivity / David Kirby - 1st ed.
Killer whales are among the most intelligent, social, and ecologically complex animals on earth. Is keeping them in captivity for entertainment purposes justifiable? In Death at SeaWorld, award-winning investigative journalist David Kirby explored this question with a shocking dramatic narrative that goes behind the carefully managed façade of SeaWorld theme parks to tell the story of these remarkable creatures. From their mysterious lives in the wild, where orcas live in familial groups that remin intact for decades, to their shorter, solitary, and often tragic lives performing for our amusement, Kirby reveals every side of these magnificent creatures, the scientists who study them, and the people who risk their lives to train them.
  c. St. Martin's Griffin, 2012.
  ISBN: 978-1-250-03125-9 (trade paperback)
  ISBN: 978-1-250-00202-0 (hardcover)
  ISBN: 978-1-250-00831-2 (e-book)
  1. Killer whale--behaviour.  2. Captive marine animals--behaviour.  3. Killer whale--Florida--  Orlando.   4. Animal attack--Florida--Orlando.  5. Brancheau, Dawn, 1969-2010--Death and burial.  6. Sea  World.  7. Aquatic animal welfare--Moral and ethical aspects--United States.  8. Rose, Naomi  A. 9. Marine biologists--United States--Biography.  10. Humane Society of the United States.  I.  Title.

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