Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hi Everyone!

I've two special announcements today which involves two authors.

The First: The official synopsis for The Kiss That Killed Me is here!


In anticipation for Kristy Nicolle's book release December 1st, and because the holidays is nigh, I will be sharing an interview I did with her back in August. I know, it's not a new interview, but her book release coincides with the time I usually release brand new interviews (I'll get to that in a moment) so if you missed it or if you would like to read it again, you can click here to swim on over to the Special Feature interview!

“The Kiss That Killed Me is now Live! Grab your copy today! #mermaid #newrelease #romance #IARTG #ASMSG #ebook #nook

The Second: Moon Mermaid's book release is in two days!

Credits go to: Grant Brummett

As mentioned in the previous announcement, THE HOLIDAYS IS NIGH, and everybody will be busy congregating, attending family functions, spreading the warmth of love and joy, etc., etc.! SO you guys actually get another interview (that was originally slated for release December 1st) 3 weeks in advance... actually available in two days to coincide with Moon Mermaid's book release. SURPRISE! You still get to read a new interview!

Which gives me enough time to do some resting!

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Happy Yule, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah, Chuc Mung Giang Sinh va Nam Moi, and Happy Holidays!

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