Friday, November 13, 2015

Author of the Month - Holiday Special: Moon Mermaid

Happy Moon Mermaid Book Release Day!!

I guess you know what that means... It's time to share Moon Mermaid's interview!

Moon Mermaid was ever so gracious enough to take time out of her fins to answer questions very last minute (literally two days ago!), so I want to extend a huge, HUGE, thank you to her for this interview! Enjoy!

Credits go to: Grant Brummett

SSML: so moon mermaid, tell me about yourself!
Moon: My name is Moon Mermaid, I was born in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and first surfaced to humans in 2003. There weren't many mermaids when I started entertaining humans on land and I was very lucky to get to travel many exciting places! I enjoy entertaining for humans for festivals, conventions, fairs, aquariums, children's parties and events with my travelling lagoon and the 40 feet tank! It's so exciting and makes everyone so happy!

S: Who gave you the name "Moon Mermaid"?
M: I am a lunar mermaid, I was created by magic, my mother the moon and my father the sea. When I was born I thought I was the only mermaid until I met other mermaids on my adventures. I didn't have a name for a long time and my pirate friends I had met started calling me "Moon" so it stuck!

(Editors note: Aw that's so cute!!)
S: Now recently you wrote a book, "Moon Mermaid and the Treasure of Friendship"... could you tell me a little bit more about it?
M: Yes! I'm so excited! I first started shooting for my book in 2012 with lead photographer Grant Brummett capturing many of my adventures on land and underwater! It's a very colorful book using real photos of my adventures where I found a very magical map that lead me on an adventure of what my heart truly desired, friendship. You will see mermaids, pirates, a wizard, fairy, unicorn and treasure in my new book! The book was written for children but I found adults are just as excited to get one! My book release is this Saturday in Arizona and I am bringing many friends from my book to meet everyone! We are so, so, so excited!

S: Where did you get the idea for it? 
M: The book captured moments of my life as a mermaid, and some very common questions I get asked about such as, "how do you get legs"? You will see many of my secrets as you go through my adventure! During my live readings of the book I actually bring magical items from the story for children to find and point out! They love being able to see the actual items and hold them!

S: What inspired you?
M: I wanted to create a book that captured all of my friends that children often see with me. I wanted to show them how we all met and share our story with everyone. It has become kind of a family album of magical creatures for us!

S: Almost like a documentary of sorts!wink emoticon 
M: Yes!

S: Do you plan on telling more stories and releasing more books?
M:Yes, I have several books I am writing now and we will start shooting photos for the next one this spring. My good friend and lead photographer Grant passed away on the 25th and was not able to see this book completed. I am making arrangements for my new stories to be captured as well as he would have wanted. My current book has been dedicated in his memory. Without giving too much away some of my books will be strictly mermaids, and another book capturing my adventures with pirates!

S: Oh no I'm sorry for your loss!
M: Thank you.

S: Was it difficult to publish your books? What was that process like?
M: Yes and no. Thanks to the magical world of the Internet anyone can create a book pretty easily. However, as I said I first started the shooting for this book in 2012 so it was a long and sometime emotional process. It has been very expensive and I had to run a gofundme campaign as well as a lot of fundraising to barely cover a small fraction of the costs. Unfortunately, you can't pay for a book with seashells and sand dollars, who knew?!

S: They didn't take pirate gold as payment either eh?
M: Hehe!

S: Would like to give us a small hint on what the next story will be about?
M: Yes, I have 5 books I'm starting the writing on. It will take a lot of work for each book so hopefully the next one will be released this time in the next year or two! It's challenging when the book is captured in photos and is self published. The pirate adventure will capture my stories and relationships with the pirates. Some people think my pirate friends must be scary bad guys but I will be showing OUR story! (The pirates and I have a deal; I keep them safe at sea in in bad weather, they help me! Plus I can dive farther for the sunken treasure! It's good to be friends with a mermaid!) 
As for the mermaid books, I can't spill the beans on those just yet!

S: Dolphinately! Do you have any advice for other mers who want to follow your flippers and go with this storytelling route? Because I must say this is the most creative that I've ever seen... really unique and really different by going with photography as opposed to illustrated.
M: Oh, thank you! Yes, if any mers want to give it a try, I say go for it! It will be challenging, sometimes expensive, and takes a lot of commitment but it's so rewarding in the end as with accomplishing any goal. I'd personally love to see more mermaid books out there!

S: Finally, where can we find your books for purchase? Which is in two days!!!! (Editor's note - actually today! The interview took place just two days ago~)
M: Yes! Wow only 2 days away, it's so surreal! The books are available for per-order and on my Etsy. The link is on my website or ! I am working now on a small book tour, most likely at aquariums, book stores, and kids museums so check my Facebook and website for those announcements later this year!

S: Thanks so much for taking the time for the interview !
M: Thank you so much, I appreciate the interview!

To purchase Moon Mermaid's new book, visit and

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